Welcome to GTK+R

What this project is about

This project was created due to my laziness to copy and paste from Gedit to the console. I have a lot of functions and code to exacute in R so I needed something that enabled me to run things a bit quicker (as most of them contained errors). I feel that some other people using R under Linux may be in a similar circumstance as me. I also plan to release some R library that can calculate gamme functions of complex arguments, invert charecteristic functions, do proper chi-square tests and fit data to charecteristic functions. The current release is second pre-alpha release.

I hope you enjoy using this software.

gtkr-0.0.2 released

Now GTK+R does what I needed from the start. Multiple text editor which exacute selection with CTRL+R and the entire file with CTRL+ENTER. I feel that this is all that I will use from this program but further development should hopefully make the software more userfriendly for people starting to use R.

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